Amantadine dosage

Von amantadine dosage Augenblick an wurde meine Behandlung eine medizinische Zusammenarbeit. Vorher hatte ich Medizin für etwas gehalten, das individuelle Ärzte an individuellen Patienten ausüben.

Der Arzt war allwissend und allmächtig, der Patient war hilflos. The night before brain surgery, I thought about was I content with myself and what I had done with my life so far? I decided that I was essentially a good person, although I could have been better – but at the same time I understood that the cancer didn’t care. I asked myself what I believed. I believed in the doctors and the medicine and the surgeries – I believed in that. Am 13 Dezember 1996 nahm ich meine letzte Chemotherapie-Behandlung.

Es war fast an der Zeit, nach Hause zu gehen. Er wollte mit mir über die algemeineren Umstände von Krebs sprechen. Er wollte über “die Verpflichtung der Geheilten” sprechen. Es war ein Thema, in das ich tief eingetaucht war. Danach bat mich La Trice, mehr und mehr mit anderen Patienten zu reden.

Es schien ihnen zu helfen, zu wissen, daß ein Athlet den Kampf zusammen mit ihnen focht. Eines Nachmittags machte mich La Trice darauf aufmerksam, daß ich ihr noch immer -wie früher- Fragen stellte, aber deren Art war verändert. Zuerst betrafen meine Fragen ausschließlich mich, meine Behandlungen, meine Dosierungen, meine speziellen Probleme. Jetzt fragte ich nach anderen Leuten. What we did With the generous help of medical professionals, I did research on the immune response under the effect of Lyme for Marianne, my wife.

You can see in my draft paper what we did in detail. Ken Liegner diagnosed Marianne as having Lyme, perhaps in a dormant form already since her childhood. When this treatment did not prevent her from becoming rapidly more ill , we discussed further use of Rocephin. Marianne was now ready to inject it herself. Ken told us he would in “phone consultations” discuss with us any questions we had. I started to establish the necessary scientific contacts reading the necessary literature. Without Medline I would have not succeded.

This huge gift of the American people to the world has had a profound effect on Marianne’s and my life. Burrascano’s method of tailoring the duration of the antibiotic therapy to the sufferer’s immune response I felt able to interpret Marianne’s symptomlog, which she kept on a daily basis. Princeton, NJ, Marianne and I decided to switch from ceftriaxone to cefepime, assuming that this would get her past the stationary -but not yet satisfactory- level of her Lyme. Due to its molecular structure, cefepime might penetrate into compartments of her body that have not been reached by ceftriaxone at that time. Bb antigen in the compartments visible to the immune system might now be low enough to let the immune system do the rest of the elimination alone, unaided by antibiotics. Marianne stopped iv cefepime and finished the treatment with doxycycline, thus following exactly J. Apart from a vaguely suspected, certainly stress correlated, relapse half a year after the end of the doxycycline therapy -and precautionary ceftriaxone infusions for 10 days- Marianne has been without major symptoms ever since.

Solving problems with health insurance had to be postponed until after recovery. Results could be evaluated only after months of consistent carefully controlled treatment. Only after I did an evaluation similar to a Fourier transform I believed I could see a response of Marianne’s immune system . The corresponding statistics needed at least a period of some two months. We would have to take the entire responsibility for the therapy.

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